Our last shower was put on Saturday, June 14. It was hosted by Sue Vogel and Missey Ness at Robbins United Methodist Church in Eaton Rapids. It was such a wonderful time and I got to spend the day with Tim’s family from both his mom’s and dad’s side, family friends, co-workers and friends from Martin Waymire and Lansing Fire and more. We even had two of the babies from our Baby Train post (below) join us, Cameron and Boden!

A big thank you to Sue, Missey and Nancy for putting so much time and creativity into the shower. It was a wonderful brunch with homemade cupcakes and even homemade cinnamon rolls for everyone with the label, “A bun for your oven.” :). Here is a picture:

A big thank you to everyone that attended, and for the wonderful gifts! We can’t believe how much we have received and it is great to know that we are all set for baby Ness to arrive.

For more pictures, you can visit our photo gallery.