I am pretty sure most of you know that we decided to name our lil’ guy Brody. It didn’t take us long to decide once we knew he was a boy. The same day we found out our baby was a he, we went to Gymboree and bought him his first firefighter outfit and then went to the mall bookstore to pick up ‘The Baby Name Wizard’ book.

Knocking out two letters of the alphabet that just DON’T go with the last name Ness (I am sure some of you know these two letters 🙂 …. we were on our way through the book the next day. I seem to recall Tim’s input…..

Andrea – “Insert potential baby’s name here”
Tim – “No”
Andrea – “Insert potential baby’s name here”
Tim – “No”

and repeat.

and then…..

Andrea – “What about Brody?”
Tim – “I do like Brody”

And it stuck, every name we mentioned after that was compared to the name Brody and soon dropped.

A little about the name Brody:

Brody is both Irish and Scottish.

The Irish meaning – muddy place. This is perfect for our lil’ guy if he ends up anything like Timmy:

Scottish meaning – Castle.

According to the Social Security Administration, Brody is ranked #105 of baby names for the year 2007.

Brody’s middle name will be John after my father (and Papa). It also happens to be how Tim and I met – through our mutual friend John Walker (not the alcohol, the person :).

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