Dear Ma,

What’s a baby to do in a womb with no view?
There’s nothing to see here!
Not one scrawny tree here!

No puppies. No toys. No girls….zero boys.
Not a sandbox or swings… or those monkey bar things.
Not a park or a zoo.

There’s nothing to do!

My choices are slim.
There is no room to swim.
I’m so tired of floating.
I’d love to go boating,
But where’s my canoe?

There’s nothing to do!

I’m all in a heap here. My feet are asleep here.
I’m flat out of space. I’ve got knees in my face.
And I’m totally bored with this dumb bungee cord…

I’m NOT kidding you…there’s NOTHING to do!

Still…I try to stay busy.
I slosh till I’m dizzy.
I practice my kicking.
And hiccup-cup-hicking.

I’m working on hair. But my head is still bare.
I’ve tried hide-and-seek and I don’t even peek.
But I’m so intertwined, I’m too easy to find.
Plus tag is no fun – I’ve got no place to run.
And it gives me a fit that I have to stay “IT”!

If I just had a truck. Or a small rubber duck.
Or a cat or a bug. Or a teddy named Doug.
No, wait! A balloon!
But please…buy it soon.

‘Cause I hear the tick-tock
Of your happy heart clock.
And I bet you a dime
That it’s almost Show Time!

You’re set for me, right? You’ve got a night-light?
And diapers? Shampoo?
Does my room have a view?

I could use a good bib.
And I’d like my own crib.
‘Cause my schedule is sweet.
It’s just “Snooze, eat… repeat.”

Still – a few worries more:
Ma, I think that I snore.
Plus my head’s kinda wobbly.
I’ll need support, prob’ly.

So, Ma, here’s the plan.
Let’s rest while we can.
I’ll stay in here longer –

Get bigger, grow stronger
Then ready… set… YAY!
I’ll be comin’ to play!

Well, that is it, I guess.
I’ve got your address.
Kiss Pop for me, please…
And give him a squeeze.
I’ll meet him soon, maybe!

Your Baby

(Warning: video below contains bare belly….watch at your own risk. Please also disregard the funny looking scar from that belly ring that I had to have in college 🙂

FYI: Video contains music

Thanks for letting us share!

(Excerpts above came from the wonderful children’s book, “Ma! There Nothing to Do Here!” by Barbara Park)