Hello everyone! This week went by rather quickly. Not too much excitement, but am happy to give a recap on everything that happened this week.

We spent the long 4th of July weekend on our boat up in Grand Haven with some friends. Got to enjoy the great summer weather and see two firework displays. Sidenote: We completely forgot Hunter was deathly afraid of fireworks, he spent both times down in our aft cabin underneath the pillows. He received plenty of treats after to calm him down 🙂

On Tuesday, Tim started installing our brand new kitchen countertop and sink. Almost without a hitch, we realized they cut the hole for the sink too big. So now they are redoing it and that piece will take another two weeks to get here (cutting it close, eh 🙂 . They did give us $100 in-store credit for their mistake… so we bought a new garbage disposal – woo hoo!! Currently, we are making it work so atleast we have running water in our kitchen. But the countertop we ordered is beautiful. It lightens up the room and makes it appear larger (if that is possible). So much better then our “leopard-looking” countertop the previous owners had installed. Once finished, I will post pictures.

I splurged this week. Blaming it solely on this nesting phase I am going through, I was at Home Depot during my lunch hour on Tuesday trying to find a “biscuit” faucet for our new sink and they were having incredible sales on outdoor furniture. Yes, it was completely on the opposite end from the faucets, but for some reason my brain told me to look 🙂 .

Currently we have a small outdoor patio set that seats four that I purchased years ago – blah. When we have people over, we never ate outside becuase there was never enough room at that rinky dink table set. We love eating outside and grilling, and now that Tim repainted our deck it just seemed illegal not to have a nice patio set especially when people come over to visit when Baby Brody comes.

So here is our new set, the Calabria Collection:

The two end chairs are swivel rocking chairs. Already mother-approved for rocking baby Brody. Very comfortable.

Below is the umbrella that goes in the center:

Our 37-week doctor’s appointment was on Thursday. I haven’t gained a pound in two weeks but they say that is completely normal at this stage. Brody is head down – yippee! I am measuring 36 cm and doctor tells me that from the looks of it we will NOT be having a “big” baby. He estimates if we go the full 40 weeks, Brody will be about 7.5 pounds.

Boating season is done for me, I am spending the rest of my weekends at home close to the hospital. This is Timmy’s final boating weekend. He left on Thursday to meet up with the guys at Grand Haven. He of course is on call and promised to answer his phone every time “just in case.”

I spent my lunch hour today at Dream Dinners in Frandor. If you don’t know what Dream Dinners is, you can check out their web site at www.dreamdinners.com. Everyone has been telling me to stock up on frozen dinners because once baby comes there will be no time to cook, grocery shop, etc. So I figured now would be the perfect time to try out Dream Dinners. It is a place you go spend one hour or less preparing meals in advance and voila, 6 wonderful dishes (18 meals) plus side dishes ready for your freezer for future eating. I ordered and prepared the following:

Chicken with Honey Garlic & Orange – 3 servings
Lemon Chicken Piccata – 3 servings
Maple Glazed Pork Chops – 3 servings
Hawaiian Chicken – 3 servings
Summertime Pasta – 3 servings
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches – 3 servings

Side dishes
Mediterranean Vegetables with Asian Seasoning – 6 servings
Gorgonzala Mashed Potatoes – 12 servings

Pretty funny having those words come out of my mouth – if you know me, you know that I am not much of a cook…but will eventually get there :).

That is about it. We are closing the office early today so I am excited to just go home and relax the whole weekend with Hunter bear and continue to sanitize every nook and cranny of our house.

I don’t know about you but at this stage of the game, I am just feeling anxious to see my lil’ guy. And since he is still pretty comfortable chilling in my belly pushing me in every direction, I figured I would share some videos I found on youtube of other darling babies. Enjoy.

Can’t wait to see our own little superstar.

Thanks for letting us share.