I decided this blog post will be dedicated to our other son….our black lab, Hunter-Bear.

Hunter (birth name: Alpha Omega’s Hunter Bear Huth) is a five-year-old English Labrador. We got him when he was only 8-weeks old (small enough that I use to be able to pick him up with one hand). Now, only Tim can pick him up as he is approaching about 95 pounds. But he is 95 pounds of pure love (and A LOT of dog hair 🙂 but still manages to pretend he is a lap dog.

For the past five years, you could say Hunter has been a bit spoiled being the only ‘child’ in the house. He is use to getting tons of attention, treats, swims and walks at the dog park. Also, unlimited access to our furniture, beds, pretty much anything that has a pillow on it.

We know things are going to be changing a bit with a new baby around, and at first Hunter might not be getting all the attention he is use to, but we are going to try our best to not make him feel left out. Also, my mother will be in town during the first couple weeks when Baby Brody is born and already has plans to continue taking him to the dog park to go swimming, running, etc. – Thanks Mom!

One thing we do know, is that Hunter will be fabulous with our new baby boy. I can’t wait to see Brody and Hunter interact with each other. Tim also grew up with a black lab named Sadie and to this day talks about all the fond memories he had with her. I know our son will have great memories with Hunter too.

Speaking of great memories, and ending this blog so it doesn’t get too long. Yes, you are reading a blog about a dog…

I will end this post with one of Hunter’s famous dog tricks. Enjoy!
Video contains music and sound, please turn speakers up 🙂

Note: No pregnant women consumed alcohol during this taping :).