Hello everyone! 

We are considered 7 days away from our due date, but it is said that only 5% of women actually deliver on this day so everything is pretty much up in the air. As for me, I am feeling wonderful….huge but wonderful :). Still working, moving about and doing what I can to prep the house for baby Ness.

This past weekend was pretty eventful, on Friday went to dinner and a movie with our good friends Steve and Kelli Kilmon. We of course went to see The Dark Knight and it was great….even if it was 2.5 hours long. Brody wouldn’t stop tossing and turning through most of it and I had to smile because I realized that this will probably be the case when he is out of the belly and at the theatre too. At least right now he doesn’t make sound :).

Saturday was my day of relaxation. I cleaned the house a bit, watched girly movies and took a couple of naps. Took it all in because I know soon having a day of peace and relaxation will not be in my cards for a long time :).

On Sunday we were graced with a visit from my Dad, sister, step-mother Sherryl and step-nephew Lewin. They got to see the new digs and the new baby nursery. It was a great time and appreciated them taking the drive to come out. Tim also got some much needed training playing with Lewin.

After they left, I went off to my good friend Laura’s graduation BBQ. Congrats Laura!!! Got to hang out with Laura’s family and a few of my girlfriends and the hubbies. Loved the fact that I got to soak my swollen feet in the in-ground pool – is that too much information :).

Top row: Laura, Valerie, Andrea & Barbie. Bottom Row: Amy, Aimee, Jessica and Ellen.


Putting the Landlord hat on…

Besides getting ready for baby, Tim and I are also trying hard to rent our apartment we have behind our house. Tim’s sister Melissa lived there for the past couple of years and it was wonderful to have her so close to us. She is moving out August 1, so we are advertising it on Craigs List and had our first round of walk-throughs last week.

This is our first time using Craigs List, so if we don’t get good responses we will put an ad in the Lansing State Journal. I know the timing is not perfect with baby on the way and having to worry about renting out an apartment, but crossing fingers it will rent out quickly and we will get a good tenant in.

Most of you haven’t seen our apartment because it has always been rented out since we moved in. So here are some pictures of it, courtesy of Melissa – Thanks Missey! We will miss you:

Dining Room 



Outdoor Patio

So hey, if you know someone looking for a nice, quiet roomy apartment in the Lansing area for a great price – we even pay your utilities! Let us know : ). You can see more pictures of the apartment in our Photo Gallery.

I will end this week’s post here. Crazy to think that my next post could be with pictures of Baby Brody!!! How exciting.

Thanks for letting us share.