Can you believe Brody is six weeks old? It has been a couple weeks since our last post, so will use this as an opportunity to catch up on what we have been doing.

Labor Day Weekend

The family just got back from our long weekend excursion in Traverse City (one of the reasons that I didn’t blog last week). We drove up there Thursday night and stayed until Monday. The weather was absolutely beautiful on the water and Brody got to experience his first of many boating weekends.

We stayed at Clinch Park Marina with our boat next to our friends Dave, Angie and their 4-month-old Boden. We cruised a bit with the boys and then other days, Angie and I and the babies stayed behind at the marina on one of the boats (usually Dave and Angie’s because they have air conditioning in their cabin :).

It definitely was a fun-filled weekend for the family. We did a bit of shopping in downtown Traverse City, went to the Farmer’s market, did some wine tasting of some of the local wineries and we went to visit good friends (The Shooks) at their beautiful home in Sutton’s Bay. Tim also got to do some fishing with Dave, Danny Komm and his son Jacob. He would have done some scuba diving too, but he forgot a very important item so he had to just go snorkeling.

Pictures are in the Photo Gallery.

Lions and Tigers and Camels?….oh my

The week prior, Brody got to experience his first trip to the zoo. My coworker and good friend Amy invited us to go with her and her daughter Brooke (2-years-old). Brody slept through most of it, but it was very fun to walk around Potter Park Zoo and watch Brookie get excited about all the animals. She even got to ride the pony and the camel for her first time. It is very nice to have a zoo so close to home. Next year, we will buy the summer pass.

Other things that happened:

Brody Colicky? That is what they use to think…

Well, early on we thought we got pretty lucky with having a baby that doesn’t cry. This definitely changed a couple weeks ago when Brody started crying during his feedings. Our little guy would arch his back in discomfort and spit up pretty much every feeding.

Our friends Kelli and Steve were over and Kelli noticed his arching while she was holding him and said that it looks like he was showing signs of having reflux. Kelli is a nurse at Sparrow’s pediatric unit (it is so nice to have friends in the health profession). We called the doctor’s office the next day and told them his syptoms and they wanted to see Brody right away.

Sure enough, Brody has reflux (or GER) and they recommended Brody to be on medicine. He is currently taking Prevacid (yes, an adult medicine…but in a smaller dose). After a few days on the medicine Brody is doing great and all his arching and discomfort seems to have disappeared. Yay!

A little tid bit of knowledge….some people back in the day would have called this “colic.” Doctor’s didn’t know about baby heartburn (reflux) back then, and some doctors that aren’t keeping up with the times still don’t. Colic seems to be a term they would say when they couldn’t figure out what was wrong and you pretty much just had to deal with the baby’s crying and discomfort. In what I read and what my doctor has told me that most babies that seem to be “colicky” are either suffereing from Reflux (Gastroesopaheal Reflux) or from a Milk Protien allergy. All in all, babies don’t have to suffer any more when treated correctly.

If you would like to learn more, my doctor recommended a book called “Colic Solved.” I read it cover to cover up in Traverse City and it really helped a lot.

Finally, Brody is announced…

So yeah, I use to think I was on top of things….but realized that time goes a bit slower these days with a baby in the world. I am finally getting out Brody’s birth announcements.

I am sending them in batches. The family members should have received them by now if not…any day. I am still working on getting the friend ones out. So if you haven’t received yours yet, my apologies.

Also, the thank you notes from all the fabulous gifts we received at the hospital were written two weeks after, but never addressed. These will be tucked into the announcements or sent on their own. I do appreciate everyone’s patience and just wanted to let you all know you are not forgotton.

If you haven’t received it yet, here is what it looks like:













That is all for now, will write more soon. We are getting ready for the season opener today for MSU football season.