Hello everyone.

Brody is seven weeks today! And boy is this boy growing like a weed. We had his one month appointment last week and this boy weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds. That means that right about now, this lil’ guy has gained about 4 pounds since birth. We are very happy with this especially since he was a bit on the small side when he was born. He was in the 5th percentile, which means he was on the low end for his weight. With his crazy weight gain this past month, he has moved up to the 50th percentile…which is PERFECT!

He measured 22 and 3/4 inches in length. This puts him in the 70th percentile for height (taller than the average bear). With this, Brody is classified by Dr. Hoop as long and lean.

But on to the good stuff! Brody started smiling like crazy these past two weeks! Mommy got so excited she had to celebrate and go get professional pictures of Brody done!! The photographer at Portrait Innovations was shocked how much he smiled and kept talking about how easy it was for him to take pictures of this lil’ man.

Mommy went in thinking she would only get one or two poses done, but that got laughed away the second Brody starting smiling. There was no turning back, and thankfully Tim was doing a 3D archery competition so he couldn’t tell me no :). So now, we have a boat load of pictures to share with friends and family!! Wallets anyone? : ).

Right after the photoshoot, I headed to Target to get frames! Yay for the clearance section! Now we will be graced with fabulous pictures of Brody hanging up in the bedroom, nursery, living room, office, etc.

The whole photoshoot is in the Photo Gallery, but below are the nine poses we chose. (I know, nine is a lot…but it was his first photoshoot 🙂 Enjoy!!





And if you thought I was going to end the blog there, you are happily mistaken. Before I decided to do the photoshoot, I was trying to capture Brody man’s smile on my video camera to share with everyone. So here is a little video of Brody doing what he does best – Smiling for his mommy :).