Hello everyone!

Well just to let everyone know Brody is officially two-months-old. As I am writing this, it is Sept. 29 and Brody was born on July 29. Also, tomorrow he will be considered nine weeks! Oh boy, I just can’t believe how time is flying by.

Run and hide. It’s Immunization time…

Brody is going Wednesday to his two month doctor appointment where he will be getting his immunizations. I have been reading like crazy on everything he is getting and what they will be doing to my lil’ man. Not too thrilled to have to watch my baby get all these shots, but I know it is better than to have him get the actual illnesses. Wish us luck!

The North Channel Babies Finally Together!!

Boden & Brody (above) Morgan (below)


Two weekends ago we had the annual ‘Skeet Shooting’ party over at Dave & Angie’s house. Angie told me last night that by the end of the day there were about 50 people present. Crazy! While the guys were all out back shooting their guns and bows, the ladies were inside tending to the lil’ ones. It is crazy to think that just last year at this party, there were hardly any kids and now….it was babies galore. Including the North Channel three….Boden, Morgan & Brody. They also got to play with baby Bailey (Sue & Mark’s), Marilyn (Harper & Mandy) and the rest of the little ones.

My Little Celebrity: ‘Tiny Ty’ Pennington

Who watches Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Well if you haven’t heard, they are a couple streets away right now!! So exciting!

They are here for the Nickless family who lost their husband/father to Hepititis C. The family is now in DisneyWorld on vacation while Mayberry Homes and hundreds of volunteers are rebuilding the house. They started tearing down the old house on Sunday, finished the structuring today and will be drywalling tomorrow. The ‘Move that bus’ reveal is this Friday at 2:00 p.m.

Watch Lansing’s local ABC News Station This Week!!

Because Brody’s momma loves the show, she had to dress Brody up in celebration!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition’s Smallest Volunteer:











And guess what!! We were just told tonight by ABC 3 News Anchor Jessica Wheeler that his picture above will be featured in one of this week’s news stories! Very excited for Brody’s first TV appearance. If you are in the Lansing area, make sure to stay turned to ABC 3 News! If not, I will definitely get a tape of it to share here online:).

UPDATE: Brody was on the 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. newscast for ABC 3 news on Wednesday, October 1. How exciting! 

I am going to get a professional tape of it for Brody’s memory album, but for the time bieng I will just post the newscast I recorded from my camera while watching it on TV. Sorry in advance for the poor quality.

Brody and I might be heading down again on Friday to be a part of the large community crowd welcoming the family to their new home. I don’t know when this Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode will air, but we should know soon.

Our other celebrity

Hunter got invited this past month to a purebreed calendar shoot. My mother, sister, Brody and I went with him for support since he gets a little camera shy : ).

The photography shoot took place at my friend Amy’s property in Leslie. The photographer, Cheryl Ertelt, comes to Michigan once a year to take pictures of purebreed dogs for two big animal calendar distributors.

Here are a couple of his shots:

More photos of his photoshoot and Brody’s two month photos are located in the photo gallery.