Hello dear friends and family,

It has been about a month since my last post. Big apologies…I returned to work two weeks ago and now have a lot less computer time because I want to spend what time I do have at home with my little Brody man.

If you were wondering…

Last time I blogged I mentioned Brody was heading for his immunizations. I have to admit that he didn’t like the shots AT ALL. Once he felt the first shot, he was in complete shock that he turned all red and didn’t take a breath until after his third shot where he let out a loud yell. Once he took a breath, he was all done so I got to hold him and console him, so he was only crying for a short time. And he had no allergic reactions to them and slept like a baby that night.

Brody’s Daycare

Now that I am back at work, Brody has been spending four days a week at his new daycare. Let me tell you, Tim and I are very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place for our little Brody. It is a beautiful house right near our home, and Jessica is just amazing! She is a child development major with two beautiful sons, Kadin and Kegan. Both her own children and the other children she watches are very well mannered and I am sure a lot of this has to do with her. Everytime we come in we are welcomed by the little children running to the door saying “Brody’s here!” all waiting to see him. And when I come to pick him up, they are eager to help me put him in his carseat and give him his binky. It is the cutest thing! I will post pictures soon of Brody’s new daycare and his new friends.

Go Green! Go White!

Brody got to have his first semi-tailgating experience a few weeks ago. Brody and I met up with a bunch of my college girlfriends and families at a tailgating party when MSU played OSU. Our friends Jessica and Ryan Evans hosted us at their house in Farmington. It was a great time, and it was the first time the three new babies got to play together. Baby Jesse, Baby Isabella and Baby Brody were all spruced up in their MSU gear cheering on the spartans even when MSU stunk it up like a dirty diaper.

We are patiently waiting for our nephew…

As most of you know, my sister is ready to pop! We are patiently waiting to see Brody’s new baby boy cousin and I am getting very excited for my sister and Pat to share in this amazing experience! We were down in Detroit a bit ago for my sister’s baby shower. It was beautiful and my sister was glowing.

Not only was she glowing, but we have two other cousins due around the same time as Leslie. Nicole, Katie and my sister will all be having Christmas/New Year’s babies. Nicole is having another boy, Katie is having a girl and my sister is having a baby boy! Congrats to all!

So now just waiting by the phone for that call where my sister is on the other end screaming “I’m in LABOR!” I must remember to pack a bag soon so Brody and I can leave in a moment’s notice.

Brody’s First Halloween!

We were thinking about getting Brody a couple of cute halloween outfits to celebrate the day since we weren’t actually going trick-or-treating, but when we made our bi-weekly trip to Babies R’ Us, the costumes were just way to cute! I started to put a cute blue dinosaur costume in the cart, but as soon as I picked up the bright orange pumpkin outfit, Brody would not stop staring and smiling at it. I had to get it.

The Sunday before Halloween, Tim and I and Brody made our way out to Uncle John’s Cider Mill. We dressed him up in his halloween costume because we wanted to get some pictures with him at the pumpkin patch, and they also had a halloween costume contest. Brody unfortunately didn’t win, but he wasn’t upset at all about it :).

We took home some yummy cider, donuts and wine. Uncle John’s recently opened up Fruit House Winery and they were offering free wine tasting. Of course we couldn’t turn that down :).

We spent halloween weekend up at the cabin so Tim could hunt. Very relaxing. As you may know, October and November are Tim’s big hunting months. He spends as much time as possible in the woods being one with nature :). He got his first buck a couple of weekends ago and now looking for his second. Next weekend begins gun season so Tim will be spending five days up at the other cabin in Hart, Michigan with his family. Good luck Timmy!

Brody’s Growth and Development

If you haven’t seen Brody in a couple weeks, you may not recognize him. He is getting so big! I can’t wait to weigh him again, his two month appointment he was almost 12 pounds. He is definitely much bigger now. We even had to go and buy new bottles. He is wanting more than our 4 ounce bottles could deliver, so I had to go and get the big ones. I can’t believe it, he drinks 4-5 ounces every three hours and a whopping six ounces right before bed……and guess what…..

BRODY SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! Not all the time, but much more frequently. For the past couple weeks, we have been putting him to bed after his nigh nigh bottle and he doesn’t wake up until 7:00 – 7:30 in the morning! For all you moms, you know that this is a great accomplishment and perfect timing for my work schedule.

  • Brody likes to be visually stimulated. He loves looking at everything! He will follow you from one end of the room to another if you are appealing to him.
  • Brody is starting to reach for things. If he sees something in front of him that he likes, he will eventually try to grab it. He is not great at this yet, but he is beginning to accomplish this task.
  • Brody found his feet. He has yet to put them in his mouth, but loves knowing that they are there and that he can kick them and touch your face with them and touch them with his hands.
  • Not quite rolling over yet, but in the works. Brody is still learning what he needs to do during tummy time, but he definitely prefers his back on his safari mat. So if you have him on his tummy and lean him in one direction, he loves flopping over to his back. We will definitely continue to practice this.
  • His trunk in strong! Out of the blue one evening Brody was laying on my propped up legs and he tried to sit up. I was amazed, he even grunted when he was crunching his tummy. I gave him my fingers to grasp on to and away he went pulling himself up and trying to balance in the sitting position. He loves doing this, so we have been doing this every night.
  • Brody also loves to stand (with help of course). If you put his feet on a surface he will straighten his legs and and then bend his knees and jump up. He never gets bored of this. We got him an activity jumper that hangs on the door frame and he loves it. We are looking at getting an activity jumper that sits on the floor too.

and last but not least…..HE IS TEETHING.

Mommy had to read up on all of this, because it came on pretty suddenly and for some reason I wasn’t expecting this point in time for a while. Brody is starting to drool all over the place and shove everything possible in his mouth. With this also comes a bit of pain for my little man so we have been dealing with a bit more fussiness. Tylenol helps, but I have been doing even more cuddling and gum rubbing. He seems to like it.

Well I think that is it for now….it is Election night so I hope everyone got to vote. We are patiently waiting for the results to come in and hoping that whatever the outcome, our economy and nation will improve so my little man can have the best life possible.  

Good night to all! More pictures are available in the Photo Gallery.