Hello everyone. This blog has turned into monthly updates. I am thinking that is a bit too long in between posts, don’t you agree? Maybe shorter more frequent posts are the key. I will think more on this issue.

Happy Birthday Brody!

Brody turned four months just a bit ago and he is doing great! Yesterday marked his 18-week mark. Brody is heading to the doctor tomorrow for his four month check up and another fun round of immunizations. I can’t wait to see how much my big guy weighs now, I am thinking somewhere between 14-15 pounds. And from the looks of him, he still looks pretty long. Still not much hair yet but his face is definitley filling out! He is so cute with his double chin :).

Happy Thanksgiving Brody!

Brody got to celebrate his first Thanksgiving last week. Tim, Brody and I headed down to Detroit to spend the morning with Dad, my sister and Sherryl. Then Leslie came with us to spend the afternoon with Mom. Then back to Lansing to end the evening at Tim’s parents with the family. All in all, it was a great day and Brody did great.

Tim and I usually go get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, but unfortunately Tim had to work so I went Black Friday shopping instead.  I was thrilled that I was able to finish up both Brody and Hunter in at the end of the day. I even got them all wrapped up that evening! Now just got to finish up everyone else. Brody, Tim and I went to get our tree on Saturday and I got to finish decorating the house and the tree that Sunday. Brody loves looking at all the lights! We love it too…especially since our house was under construction for last Christmas.

Here come’s the traditions

Now that we have a little one, Tim and I have been discussing traditions that we want to continue and begin for this holiday season. We already know that we want to continue to go as a family and cut down our christmas tree each year right after Thanksgiving. The past years we got pre-cut trees, but starting next year we will get all bundled up and go cut our own.

Tim also wants to carry on the ‘cookie’ tradition he did with his family. The dining room table would be covered in all sorts of cookie decorations, sprinkles, candies, etc. His mother would bake and frost the cookies, and then the kids would get to decorate them any way they wanted to. This is such a great idea and can’t wait to put my kitchenaid mixer to good use!

We are definitely thinking of more traditions than this. Including getting an annual photo done for our Christmas cards. I already did Brody’s Christmas photo but will post that once the cards are sent out – so cute!! If you have any Christmas traditions you would like to share, please let us know.

Boden and Brody and Morgan….oh my

Last weekend the North Channel Three (Brody, Boden and Morgan) got together for a small photoshoot at Dave and Angie’s. Brody is a bit younger than Boden and Morgan so wasn’t able to do as much on his own as the rest, but he still got some cute pictures out of it. Especially with Dave’s photoshop skills.

Where’s my nephew??

He’s coming soon, maybe within the next week!! So excited. I am pretty sure my next post will feature Brody’s new cousin and our first nephew. That is just amazing to think about. Sending hugs and kisses to Leslie and Pat, and wishing a smooth and fast delivery!

Happy Holidays everyone! I will definitely post again soon to show off my little man’s Christmas photo. Probably even a video since I haven’t done that in a while.

Thanks for letting us share!