We hope everyone had a great holiday season and a wonderful new year! We had an absolute blast and we were blessed that we got to see so many of you over the last month and that many of you got to see Brody, some even for the first time!

And talk about seeing someone for the first time! My little nephew arrived December 9, 2008. Kyle Ryan Chapman was born at Wyandotte hospital, a mini six pounds, 18 inches. Leslie and Pat were amazing through the whole process and are loving being parents to the little man. Brody and I got to see him again on Christmas Eve. Brody absolutely loves his little cousin and can’t wait to see him again, and again, and agian.

With Christmas, comes presents. And boy, did Brody get a toy store. The whole office area in our front room is full of new toys for Brody. We still have quite a few still in boxes because pulling them all out at once could be a bit overwhelming (for Brody and for us :).

As some of you already know, Tim and I decided to buy a BIG Christmas present…one for the whole family. We bought new property in Dimondale, MI! We bought 2.5 acres in a country subdivision called Deer Ridge Estates. It is absolutely beautiful and a great area to raise a family! It is a Dimondale address, but Charlotte schoold. This is where Tim went to school and he loved it. The location is surrounded by woods in every direction, and we have a private culdesac for kids to ride bikes and not have worry about traffic. Our new address will be on Buck Skin Court. I think that explains it all 🙂

Our next steps: We will be planting trees on it this Spring, building a pole barn next year and a new house in 2-3 years. As you can see we are very excited.

big boy getting bigger…

Brody is still growing like a basketball player. He is 5.5 months now and is taller than a lot of 7 month olds :). His legs are very strong and the doctor anticipates him crawling and walking sooner rather than later. (That reminds me I need to get those baby gates up :).

Brody has learned to roll over front to back, back to front and a complete 180. He loves it and this is the only way he knows how to get from point A to point B all on his own.

Crawling is coming soon enough. When he is on his belly, he knows how to lift up on his elbows and hands. He also brings his knees into his chest, so now it is only time until he puts these skills together and gets up on all fours. (Are those baby gates up yet? )

Brody’s favorite pasttime is of course….EATING. He loves his bottles and goes crazy at the sight of one.

His second favorite pasttime is his cousin Kyle’s safari Jumparoo. It is on loan until Kyle can use it and Brody is so grateful that Kyle is letting him play in it. That, plus Baby Einstein DVD’s and Brody is entertained like you wouldn’t believe. It is so cute to watch.

Brody goes in for his six month appointment in early February. I can’t wait to see how much bigger he has grown. His four month appointment the doctor said we can start introducing solid foods in his diet at anytime between 4-6 months. Tim and I brought out the high chair and starting giving him a little bit of rice cereal starting last week. This is now another one of Brody’s favorite past times.