Hi family and friends. I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Like Christmas, I always wished Valentine’s day had it’s own month of celebration, decorating, etc. Celebrating love is a wonderful thing so why not celebrate it longer and just have the month of February dedicated to happiness, love and hearts all around. Ok, rambled off a bit. Thinking maybe next year I might do this and maybe it will catch on. Tim might get freaked out a bit, but that is ok.

I think I am dwelling on this holiday because Tim and I had a week with Brody being really sick. We actually had to take him to the ER twice. He was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis/Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). They say most kids get RSV by the time they are age two. A lot of these cases are mild and will just come across as a moderate cold. We weren’t that luck with Brody.

He was feeling awful on Saturday and had a consistent fever. Sunday night, his coughing and congestion got worse and his temp reached 104 so I took him to the Pediatric Emergency Room at about 11:00 p.m. We thought it was just an ear infection but he tested positive for RSV. We went to our doctor the next morning, and they added two ear infections a long with his diagnosis.

When we were at the doctor’s, they did a Pulse Oximetry test. This measures the amount of oxygen saturation of blood. You are suppose to be between 95-100% (100 being the best). They say that if the score is lower than 95% than supplemental oxygen is recommended. At the doctor’s office, he scored a 93-94 but the doctor said that is expected with him having RSV.

On Tuesday, the next day he was getting worse and he wasn’t breathing well. He was wheezing and his chest was rattling, and he was ‘belly breathing.’ Tim was working at the Fire Station so I brought him there because they have a Pulse Oximetry machine. When he tested him at the station, we couldn’t get his score anywhere above an 89. The doctor’s office said for us to take him to Sparrow asap. So we did.

He was monitored at the hospital and they gave him x-rays to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia. They didn’t like his wheezing or his pulse score, so they sent a respiratory specialist to do a breathing test on him. He scored a 1 (anything 3+ would require breathing treatments). They let us go home that night, but that night ended up being pretty rough with him breathing/choking, etc, so I put on the coffee machine and made sure he was monitored every second.

But enough of that, these past couple days he is feeling like a champ. And he is eating like he needs to play catch up for all the bottles he didn’t want a few days ago. With him feeling 10x better, this is a great Valentine’s Day.

Well except that Tim has to work today, but we celebrated it yesterday and Brody and I brought him three dozen Valentine cookies into the station this evening. When I got home from work yesterday, there was dinner at the table with a dozen roses and………tickets to see The Lion King at the Wharton Center! I can’t wait to get dressed up in March and actually have a date night!

So with this week’s turn of events, Valentine’s is declared an extra special holiday. And I decided I am going to do a new tradition. I got him a ‘baby’s first’ valentines card. I wrote in it as if I am talking to him when he is older about how much I love him now and what he means to me. Then I sealed it. I am going to do this each year and save them in his baby book. When he is older (or right during the time he will have his first child) I will give his cards to open for the first time. I cant wait!

All you moms out there, feel free to steal my idea. 🙂

We have to schedule another appointment for Brody to get checked in 2 weeks to make sure his ear infections are gone. If he is good, he will finally get his 6-month immunizations (the ones he had to push back because he was sick.)

He is weighing it at 17 pounds 3 oz., but that will probably not be accurate since he was weighed when he was sick and didn’t have much of an appetite.

Talking about appetites, Brody is eating solid foods!

We were slowly introducing him into this process, but feel that he is good to go and loving every minute of the spoon feeding. So much in fact, that I have decided to get as excited as he is and take the plunge to make his baby food!

I ordered a book/dvd  recommended by my good friend Nicole (Morgan’s momma), I got  a bunch of these baby food trays from One Step Ahead (for all you momma’s who don’t get the catalog, I recommend it), and another recommendation by Nicole and I know a few of my other friends have this, I am probably going to Bed, Bath and Beyond with my 20% coupon and get a Magic Bullet blender. I will start right now using my food processor. So exciting. First foods I am making: sweet pototoes, butternut squash and apples.

Staying on the ‘HomeMade’ subject

Back before I was pregnant, I decided to start a new hobby. Winemaking. I fell in love with it when we were up at the cabin and our friends, Jim and Cindy Stampki, showed me the ropes on how they do it. I was hooked. Our first batch was done prior to Christmas 2007. During that time I just recently found out I was pregnant, so I didn’t get the joy of drinking the wine, just making it. We made a Meza Luna Red and Tim still says that is one of the best red wines that he has had.

Now that I am back in the game, I decided it was a great time to start it up again. We started doing a Chardonnay six weeks ago for our second batch and we just bottled them this week. They will be ready to drink starting in one month. We also just started a Barolo (red wine). It is still in the fermantation process, but it smells wonderful. And next after that, we are doing a Riesling (my favorite).  We will have a nice selection of wines to take with us on our boat this summer. We can’t wait.

Tim and I decided to make our own labels. Sticking with our ‘porthole’ theme. We feel that it fits us since we spend a lot of time on the boat going to different places and we will continue to do so. Inside the porthole on the label shows another place we visited and the view of it from the boat. My goal later on is to get actual grapes/fruit from these places we visit and have it truly be a ‘great lakes’ wine (i.e. Cherry wine from Traverse City, etc.)

Here is what I came up with yesterday (with Tim’s guidance):




 Okay, I think I am all caught up. You can see more photos in our photo gallery.

Thanks for listening!