Now that Brody has perfected sitting without falling, we decided that we can now put him in his ‘big boy’ tub. I knew this boy liked water because he loved laying in his baby bathtub, but didn’t know how much he would enjoy playing in it until we sat him in his new tub.

He went crazy! I tried to pull him out of it after about twenty minutes and he wasn’t having it, so we spent a VERY long time playing in the water. As you know, this pleased Tim very much and we are very excited for summers on the boat and at the beaches.

Here is a small glimpse of Brody’s first time in his ‘big boy’ tub. Enjoy!

NOTE: YouTube deleted the audio to this video because we were using the song ‘Splish Splash’ and it is copyrighted. For now, we did a YouTube audio replacement, but will upload it again with a new song so you can hear Brody splashing too. Sorry for the inconvenience. Warner Music Group is behind this nonsense and are either deleting videos or deleting the audio off them. Even cute videos like Brody taking a ‘big boy’ bath. Currently, here it is with a song titled ‘cakewalk.’

Thanks for letting us share. Pictures this month will be coming soon!

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