Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the first weeks of Spring. It’s been a great couple weeks here, watching MSU get to the national championship game, enjoying the Easter holiday with family and friends, opening day and win for the Tigers and the warm weather heading our way. Happy Spring!


Brody is 8-months-old now and he is growing like a weed! He has perfected crawling and does so a mile-a-minute. He is also a champ at standing up on everything. It won’t be long until this guy is walking all on his own. Scary to think that it is just around the corner.

This just in: Brody’s first tooth is coming in!

Finally! I don’t know the average age for this, but it seems that all the other tikes got their first tooth around seven months or so. Brody has been drooling for months, but in just the past couple of days, white is shining through his gums. Bring on the bibs and tylenol!

I know I mentioned this before, but just incase I didn’t….I love Brody’s daycare! Jessica Karr and her staff recently took a dental hygiene class and are now incorporating teeth brushing into their lunch hour routine. I can’t wait until Brody gets to participate with the other kids doing this. Now with Brody getting a tooth, it is only a matter of time until he gets to partake in the brushing festivities :).

The Easter Excuse!

One thing I love about the holidays is that it gives me an excuse to go get more photos done of Brody. The week after his eight-month birthday we went back to our favorite photo place, Portrait Innovations. Brody again did very well with getting his picture taken and I was delighted that he wasn’t one of those kicking and screaming kids that were right before us :). Here are some of the poses we selected:

0010 bath crawling

His complete photo shoot is available in the photo gallery.

All things sucky. All things snuggly. And all things electronic. 

Brody is reaching an age right now where he prefers things over others. It is very interesting to watch and amazing to see that he is becoming a little grown up. Of everything in the house, his three favorite things are: 
pacifiers, blankets and electronics.  

Pacifiers goes without saying, we have a ton all over the house but we have noticed that he prefers only one brand over the others, the Gerber nuk. There would be two different ones in his crib, and he has the other brand in his mouth but as soon as he sees his nuk paci, he immediately switches them out. I am pretty sure it has to do with the shape of them, they are wider and go to the roof of his mouth. But it is very funny to see.

Another thing that I mentioned before are Brody and blankets. It is a ritual that for him to nap, he loves having a pacifier in his mouth and a cuddly blanket surrounding him. 

Last week we recieved a modern zoo baby blanket from babybedding.com (Carousel Designs) as a gift. It is the cutest pattern and Brody can’t keep looking at all the zoo animals! On the flip side is a soft, cuddly fabric that he keeps rubbing up to his face. Very cute to watch and jealous that this doesn’t come in a mommy size. It is much larger (34″ by 43″) than a lot of his baby blankets we bought for him at Target and Babies R’ Us. It also is extremely well-made and I know will hold up through many years of baby handling :). We will be bringing this zoo blanket on the boat with us a lot this summer. It is very lightweight so good for the seasons and will be perfect for playtime and nap time!  I will definitely look to Carousel Designs again for any other baby bedding needs we have and ideas for decorating, they have beautiful stuff. If you are a soon-to-be mommy and thinking about nursery themes, go play on their custom crib bedding site and mix and match to your delight. It’s fun!

Is it because he is a boy or what? But Brody no matter what toy he is playing with or how colorful it is as soon as he sees a remote control or cord, he drops everything and quickly crawls to the electronics. You know how much money we could have saved if we knew this was going to happen :). He also loves our tuner for our TV and it is a daily routine to stop him multiple times from pressing all the buttons. A couple people mentioned that Fisher Price has a toy remote control, so will definitley look into getting something like this. If you know of any, let me know.

His all time favorite: All things FOOD

Let’s not forget about food. Ever since he was born, Brody has been addicted to his bottles and all things food! For a couple months now, we have been feeding him solid foods and he absolutely loves it. We have been making homemade baby food and it is great to see how much Brody likes eating all the different foods out there. Currently Brody has consumed (in no particular order): rice, oatmeal, barley, apples, sweet peas, green beans, prunes (yuck), sweet potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini, pears, peaches and banana. I will be making more this weekend, maybe something extra special for Easter :).

Well I will end this post here. Congrats to the MSU basketball team on a GREAT season and from our family to yours, Happy Easter (& Passover too)!

More photos are available in the photo gallery, feel free to check out both his 7-month and 8-month albums. Both are updated.

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