I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was beautiful here in Michigan so we spent most of the day Saturday outdoors.

The whole family (Hunter too) headed over to the new property where Tim has been planting trees like crazy all week. Just incase you haven’t heard, we bought about 3 acres of land in Dimondale, MI a few months ago so we can build a home on it in a couple years. Even though our property is surrounded by beautiful woods and a wildlife habitat, the land we bought was pretty bare with only a few apple trees and some other small trees.

Lucky for us, we were given a lot of beautiful trees by Tim’s uncle Todd (sugar maples, silver maples, crimson maples, crab apples and flowering pears) and pines from our friends Dave and Angie. Tim’s uncle owns Goose Creek Tree farm in Lyons, MI and he also let us use his HUGE tree truck to transplant them on our property.

Besides all the big trees. We also planted about 150 seedlings around the parameter of the property. So once these grow, our property will be surrounded by beautiful pines. I don’t want to take any credit here, when I say “we planted” I mean Tim. I was there in support, and brought lunch and took pictures but that was about it :). He has spent countless hours out there and the rest of the family is extemely grateful for all his hard work. Especially when we call this property, our home. But anyway, you wouldn’t want to see me try to operate that big tree machine, I have trouble operating my own ‘Mom-UV’ let alone a monster like that.

After tree planting, and after Tim drove our boat home from out of storage (YES!), we grilled kabobs out on the deck and realized how different it is at our new property in compared to the house we currently live in. Within an hour of being at the new property we had a ton of neighbors just come and visit us just to stop by to say hello. Well, and to admire the big tree truck. We never get that where we are now. It is just a friendly place out in the country. I can’t wait!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

More photos from Saturday are posted in our photo gallery.

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