If you were ever wondering what happens when you thaw a large frozen bag of mixed fruit in the fridge, then realize you are not going to use so put it back in the freezer for a later date…wonder no more. You get a large red solid block of ice filled with fruit. I put it back in the fridge yesterday to thaw it back out, drained the juice in a strainer today and got….

…red pinnaples, red mangos, red peaches and strawberries. Still good enough to eat, just not appealing enough to serve with dinner. So what do you do with a massive amount of red fruit on a hot day? Make homemade fruit popsicles!! Or what I named them to make my lil’ man laugh…BRODY POPS!

Here is a little photo journey of what we did:

the Sam’s Club massive bag of mixed ‘red’ fruit.

Blending the pinnaples, mangos, strawberries and peaches in the blender. Added (2) tablespoons of sugar per (4) cups of fruit. Bag yielded about (7) cups of fruit.

used (3) small disposable loaf pans. Two for the fruit pops, one to cut up for the dividers.

Brody wanted some, so gave him a spoon to get a taste.

The sounds ‘more, more, more’ made Mommy go get Brody his own bowl so he wouldn’t double-dip.

The third loaf pan cut up perfectly for the dividers. I cut the bottom lengthwise in half for the two middle long pieces. The sides were cut evenly into six pieces for the horizontal dividers. Horizontal dividers have a cut in the centers half-way up to push into the vertical divider

Brody kept on saying ‘mom’ when I was taking pictures of the process because he wanted to smile for the camera.

with all dividers in. Lengthwise dividers are hard to see because they are shorter.

Time for Saran Wrap.

Brody helping mommy put in the popsicle sticks.

Brody finishing up his fruit smoothie while the Brody pops are in the freezer.




Today’s Update: Brody Pops = SUCCESS!!