First let me take care of the obvious….our blog has a different look! Realizing it was about time for a small revamp and to get rid of old items (don’t worry, not old posts) that were just taking up space. Still in the works, went for a more simple look but will be adding more graphic stuff/widgets to it in the near future. Figured once life settles down a bit (more on this later), will also go through and organize the posts a bit better. ok, on with the post now 🙂

Last Thursday, we headed up to Traverse City for a long Memorial weekend to launch the boat for the first time this summer! Yay! Let me tell you, it was one of the best weather weekends we had up there especially for it being in May.

If you don’t know this yet, our family practically lives on our boat every weekend in the summer. We purchased it as a wedding present to each other…well, just the down payment 🙂 four years ago. It is a 27′ Doral cruiser and has a cabin so we  just sleep on the boat, usually at a marina but sometimes just anchored at bay.

The reason we picked Traverse City this year instead of the usual launch weekend in Grand Haven is because I signed up to run my first 10K at the Bayshore marathon in Traverse.

Some running history…

Back in December when the usual winter bug hits, big holiday meals and the new years resolutions begin, I figured it would be a great way for me to get back on the fitness wagon. Being a non-runner and after signing up, I realized that all the 10K training schedules started its first week with me running 3-miles. Yeah right.

So, I printed off a 5K training schedule instead. And since May was five months away I had time to do both trainings. So I ran. and ran. and ran. every other day. When I finished my 5K training, I signed a few of my coworkers up and even my boss to run the Mid-Michigan Ronald McDonald House 5K with me. It went great.

So training continued for the 10K….

now back to the regular scheduled blog post

In Traverse, we spent time with many wonderful friends. Our daycare provider, Jessica Karr was also up there with her family for a mini vacation and she too was running the 10K marathon. We had dinner with them on Friday (pasta/carb frenzy for the run the next day) at what use to be called ‘Bower’s Harbor’ but now has a new name. That night Tim invited LFD firefighter, Chad Sims and his friend over on the boat for a couple drinks since their wives too were sleeping for the big race day.

Race Day

My day started at 4:45 a.m. on Saturday to head over to the marathon. Amazing to see thousands upon thousands of people up this early to run. I sort of had to take a moment to take it all in and love that this many people crave being healthy. Very encouraging.

The run went great. Was proud of myself that the only time I walked during the race was the few seconds to grab a ‘GU’ energy gel pack to suck down that I safety pinned to my shorts. My time was 1:14:09.

After the run we took the Karr family out for a day on the boat to Power Island. Weather was beautiful and we anchored close enough to the beach that you just had to go knee deep to walk the rest of the way.

A bit of Traverse City shopping and wine tasting in the afternoon and then after Brody went to sleep that night, Tim and I finished the night watching a movie on the back of the boat. A laptop computer, marina WiFi and Netflix online are nice things to have when boating…it is like a drive-in theatre, still outside just on the water instead.


Sunday morning we cruised over to Sutton’s Bay where our good friends live. Steve and Susan Shook have a beautiful house on the bay and our friends Jared and Sarah Jonckheere were up there with Cameron and Katie. Tim helped the family put in the dock for the season and Brody and I played in the super-sized sand box. Grilled out for dinner, watched the sunset while having great conversations and ended the night with a bonfire by the bay. Perfect end to the perfect weekend.

And weekends like this are exactly why we say we want to retire in Traverse City. Can’t wait to be back in July.

P.S. Brody’s new favorite word is ‘boat’ while moving his hands pretending he is driving it :).

More pictures of the weekend are available in the Photo Gallery.