My last post was all about our first boating trip last summer in Traverse City for Memorial Day weekend. Our first summer outing, my first 10K marathon…It also was the beginning to our next big adventure…because we decided that weekend it was about time for us to start thinking about having another baby. Long story short, we found out we were pregnant that same month!

From Tanner ultrasound

This pregnancy story was quite a bit different than with Brody. One of the main reasons why I didn’t blog about it the whole pregnancy, well at least I can use it as one excuse why. The pregnancy itself went quite well, but all of our surroundings were completely changing. We decided to start building a house on our property in Dimondale. With doing so, we rented out our current house and moved in with Tim’s parents. So most of this pregnancy we were homeless 🙂 but in a good way and knowing that our new house would be complete and we would be moved in a couple months before baby #2’s arrival.

Pregnancy wrap-up in a blog post

At our 20-week ultrasound we found out we were having another boy! Pretty much figured this was the case since boys completely surround my life here in the Ness house and really would find it hard for Tim to produce a girl, I don’t know why.

From Tanner ultrasound

But following that great news and excitement, we were told some really scary news too. They weren’t trying to scare us, the doctor just wanted to monitor the baby more and to have us come back for another ultrasound in six weeks because the baby’s brain was measuring a little above normal in fluid and also in one of the baby’s kidneys.

Let me tell you this was the LONGEST six weeks of my life, and internet research is never your friend! All you want is for your little baby to be healthy and knowing that this may be jeopardized puts a strain on your heart every minute of the day.

I swear when we returned to that next appointment, every second seemed like an hour and the ultrasound seemed like it was all going in slow motion. And the fact that the ultrasound tech couldn’t tell us anything, just give the measurements to the doctor, so then having to wait in the doctors room for him to come in…seemed like eternity. Then he finally came in…breathe…

And he said…”All the baby’s fluid measurements are absolutely PERFECT.” Oh my goodness, praise the Lord!! I wanted to kiss him.

Things sped up after that, we moved in to our new house on Thanksgiving, we had our first Christmas there and Brody fell absolutely in love with Santa and all the presents he brought, we had our first party on New Year’s Eve with great friends and neighbors, we finished moving things in and unloading boxes, and then finally I got to start working on the baby’s room and all the other fun nesting that a baby brings.

The infamous Dr. Barton

During the last trimester of my pregnancy, I started seeing Dr. Barton. Dr. Barton is the doctor that delivered Brody and since that point I realized how lucky we were to have such an experienced, smart and amazing doctor that truly cares for his patients (mothers and babies). I could probably write a whole blog post on this guy, but will hold off. :).

With Brody, they realized on my due date that I was really low on fluid so they sent me to Sparrow to get induced. So with this pregnancy, I had a 10% chance of this happening again and Dr. Barton wanted to make sure we stayed on top of it this time so he had me come back at 36-weeks for an ultrasound and again at 38-weeks. Fluid was good at 36 weeks, but low at my 38-week appointment (5.2). Unfortunately Dr. Barton was in Hawaii on vacation 😦 and my other doctor said that is was my choice to be induced that day or we could wait and come back the next day for a non-stress test and another ultrasound to see if my fluid went back up. So we waited and it went back up a little the next day, still borderline but enough where I could wait until the next week when Dr. Barton returned. So I went back that Wednesday, fluid wasn’t as low as it was at my 38-week appointment but Dr. Barton said that the baby is now ‘better out than in’ and wanted me induced that week. So sure enough, I checked Dr. Barton’s calendar and he was on-call that weekend at the hospital, so I scheduled it then.

Other mothers are in love with their doctor’s as much as I am, right? I just loved the fact that he knows my complete situation, been there with Brody and doesn’t have to read up on my file for the first time before he delivers my baby.

So on Saturday, February 19, 2011 we checked in at Sparrow at 8:00 a.m. that morning. They moved me to a delivery room, asked me a ton of questions and then gave me my induction medicine a little after 10 a.m. Like before the nurses and other doctors stated that usually the first dose doesn’t do much and that repeated doses will probably be necessary. But not Dr. Barton. He knew how fast I went with Brody and didn’t expect nothing less with this pregnancy. He stopped in at about 11:30 a.m. and said that the Cytotec usually takes a couple hours to dissolve and start working and that he expects something to happen in the next half hour or so. Then he left.

The nurse came back in and started taking me off the monitor, gave me a lunch menu and she pretty much figured that this dose wasn’t going to take so she took on another patient. Nurses can have more than one patient as long as neither of them are in active labor. Let me just say she didn’t have two patients for long…

I start eating my food (light meal: fruit and soup) and sure enough the contractions start coming. I hurried up and finished my lunch and then called the nurse to see if she can put me back on the monitors. And the countdown starts. Time starts flying and every time they came in to check on me something has changed. Even though the pain of the contractions were still quite manageable, I got the epidural since I knew that at the rate I was going I didn’t want to miss it like I almost did with Brody. Dr. Barton broke my water and about an hour or so later it was time to start the real work. So again, it was about 5.5 hours of labor with Brody and about 6 hours from my first contraction to saying hello to baby #2.

So Introducing…

Tanner Robert Ness was welcomed into this world on February 19, 2011 at 6:10 p.m. weighing 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 21 inches long. Happy, healthy and very very hungry. Such a delightful baby and only cries when he is cold from being changed. We felt very lucky in the mother/baby unit when all you hear is all the other babies crying from the rooms next to yours and you are holding your cute, QUIET little bundle of joy.

From Welcome Tanner (Week One)
From Welcome Tanner (Week One)

The night at the hospital was also completely different than the ones we had with Brody. This time around things seemed a lot easier, nurses were fabulous and I seemed much more alert and less exhausted than with Brody. One downside is the crazy pain I had after wards. They gave me two more doses of Cytotec post delivery to help control the woman stuff :). The first dose I didn’t really notice anything because I was still coming off my epidural. The second dose they gave me at 4:30 a.m. that morning was a crazy different story. Cytotec makes you have contractions and all I remember is the contractions I had hurt 10x worse than any of the real labor contractions I had. So hear I am, 4:30 in the morning moaning with pain, feeding Tanner, and teeth chattering because for some reason one of the nurses turned the air on…and what is Tim doing through all of this? Somehow he ended up sleeping through EVERYTHING on that awful chair-bed thing. He only woke up once moaning for someone to turn off the lights when the nurses came in to monitor the baby….whoops :). Had to chuckle in between my own moans…but then they brought in the Vicodin. After about an hour or so later the contractions were manageable again.

That weekend a huge snow/ice storm was heading our way that Sunday and into Monday so we asked the doctor if it was OK for us to leave after 24 hours so we could miss most of the storm, they agreed and after his 24-hour test we were free to leave. He passed all his tests with flying colors.

We went to his first doctor’s appointment at the pediatricians office that Tuesday. Dr. T (Dr. Hoop was on vacation) said that he looked and was doing ‘awesome.’ Tanner already is moving his neck like a rockstar. We did however have to go back a couple days later for a weight re-check since he was down to 7 pounds 4 ounces. Which is understandable because my milk just started coming in that Tuesday. So on Friday, Dr. Hoop was amazed that he gained five ounces in three days. Tanner is a very good eater, and this breastfeeding thing is a lot easier this time around. It was complete chaos with Brody-man.

Tanner has been an extraordinary baby! He pretty much sleeps, eats and dirties diapers. He got his first real bath on Wednesday when his cord fell off, he seems to really like bath time just like his big brother does. I can’t wait until they can play in the bathtub together!

Tim got to take a couple weeks off of work to help, especially since I couldn’t drive and I am not allowed to pick up Brody or do much stair-climbing, etc. His first day back to work was today (Sunday, March 6) and we already miss him. It was so nice to have all my boys home during this time.  I love my family!!

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