(above photo: Tanner with his cousin Sarah)
As Tanner approaches his one-month birthday this Saturday, I had to sit back and take it all in because in all actuality…Time Is Flying!

Yes, being on maternity leave does makes you lose track of what day it is and this feeding/changing thing every few hours makes you lose track of time too. I work on 2-4 hour increments now, that is my life. No days, no nights. I am as wide awake at 4 a.m just like it is 4 p.m.

But that is how all babies schedules are. The only difference between Brody being a baby and Tanner is…the boob. Let me explain.

With Brody, I tried breastfeeding. I can’t tell you I gave 110% on it, because I realize now that I didn’t. I will put it in the category of not having the proper education on how to do it at first, followed by multiple painful events that occurred where I gave in and let the pain win. I just stopped trying.

At the hospital with Brody, I didn’t seek a lactation consultant until an hour before we were leaving the hospital. So for the two days prior, we were doing it VERY wrong. I never knew he was suppose to have a wide-open mouth, I just let him latch on whatever way he wanted to. It hurt like a (insert pain word here). The night we got home, when Brody was feeding I noticed his mouth was bleeding. Then I realized it was me that was bleeding, not him. For the next week or so I was wearing those plastic shields when feeding and also pumping and bottle-feeding to let me recover a bit. Once I felt to the point where I could go strictly back to breastfeeding….Mastitis set in, and I felt like I have been run over by a dump truck.  The medicine they gave me helped with my pain, but ruined my milk supply. The next medicine they gave me to help with my milk supply, didn’t.

I decided to call it quits and Brody became a formula-fed baby.

This time around, without those crazy circumstances, breastfeeding came to us a bit easier. Still painful at first, using a couple tubes up of Lanolin and ice packs but after a couple weeks we got it down. Strictly breastfeeding is easier now that we didn’t have to worry about bottles, formula and/or pumping constantly. But gets some getting use to for being his ONLY food supply and that means no help from the husband….during the day shifts and night shifts. He did however have to feed Tanner his first bottle of breast milk yesterday. I tried to time it out right with Tanner while I ran to the grocery store, but I guess this kid is having a growth spurt.

Tim would definitely say the second child is easier. BY FAR :). No sleep deprivation there (at home anyways). And take for instance today. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Tim’s day started at 9:00 a.m. at one of the Irish pubs in town and will continue til the evening, drinking the green beer and hanging out with his ‘fire’ boys. I remember those days in college before children, and a job that has me working 9-5 every Thursday (along with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). Definitely fun back in the day, but just thinking about one of those days now, I just picture how much precious milk I would be wasting. :). Too funny.

My St. Patrick’s Day this year consists of being home with my ‘lil’ boys. Feeding, changing, napping, playing, repeat. Maybe I will double up on the green veggies to see if we can turn my milk green for a little St. Patty’s day excitement….maybe not. :). I am also planning on going out this evening to meet up with my college girlfriends. But instead of a day of green beer and green beads, we found a kid-friendly establishment away from the party-goers so we can sit down, chat and eat dinner and maybe catch the start of the MSU game before I have to get the kids to bed. I might even go all out this evening and have some caffeine. 🙂