Tanner turned one-month-old yesterday and today marks the first day of Spring! Hooray!

Just like I said before, time is sure flying. But in a great way. I am soaking in every moment I have been spending with my boys. I have been hoarding Brody’s time too. He is technically still in daycare during my maternity leave, but I have only been taking him one day a week, if that. Usually when I have a doctor’s appointment for Tanner or something that requires getting me out of the house. I will start taking him more in the next couple of weeks when I start working from home and to start myself in the swing of things before officially returning back to work. Plus, and he absolutely loves playing with all of his friends.

Tanner is growing like a champ and definitely filling out. I can’t wait to weigh him at his one-month appointment tomorrow. He has been an absolutely wonderful baby, and has been happy as can be…well happy all the time up until a few days ago.

Pretty sure Tanner has reflux, like Brody did when he was a baby. A few days ago, Tanner has been showing a lot of discomfort and arching of his back during feedings. Not as much discomfort as I remember with Brody, but pretty sure this could be because Tanner is still strictly on breastmilk and boob food is definitely easier to digest than formula. It could also be that I am catching it a lot earlier with Tanner since now I know the signs. We didn’t know what reflux was at first with Brody so we were just dealing with his discomfort for a while until our friend Kelli Kilmon came over and said that he was showing signs of it. So Tanner will be going in this week for his one-month checkup and to talk to Dr. Hoop about what we do next with this lil’ munchkin.

With Brody, Dr. Hoop recommended a book for me to read about reflux, Colic Solved. It helped tremendously to learn what Brody was going through and what we can do to help him through it. I pulled the book out again this week to see what other signs Tanner has and what I could be doing right now to help. So at this time, we have him sleeping on a wedge at night to prop him up, burping him more in between feedings and holding him up right for a half hour after he feeds. We will know more Tuesday if he will also be put on medication, like Brody. Brody was on Prevacid, but he was a bit older so don’t know if this is suitable for Tanner yet.

Finally out of the house

We had our first family outing yesterday. With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining, I needed to get out of the house. So we packed up the kiddos and got out the stroller and headed to the Lansing Home & Garden Show at the MSU Pavilion. The kids did great! Tanner slept the whole time and Brody had fun looking around, getting a ton of suckers and candy from the vendors, petting a pigeon and running away from the Celebration Cinema popcorn man.:)

As you know, we moved into our new house this past year, so most of the inside is nearly complete. The outside of the house, well that is a different story. We have no grass, no driveway, no deck, no pole barn etc. etc. etc. We have so many things we want to see done, but know that it will take many years to get every thing accomplished. So we went to get some ideas. We would really like to get seed started and a deck built this Spring, but we also know that if we plan to get a pole barn built in the next couple years, we need to raise up that area with dirt. But, if dirt is going to be moved, then we should hold off on planting grass, right? So we have been playing the what comes first (chicken or the egg) game. All I know is that we have a large dog that has to be washed down every time he goes outside since we are surrounded by dirt and mud. So grass is definitely my priority. 🙂

But it doesn’t hurt for me to start thinking about the pretty stuff. I can’t wait to plant flowers and have a garden. I am also going to start composting this year. Yay! I felt awful with all the food scraps I was throwing away when I was making Brody’s baby food. So this time around, we will be composting. And until we get the other outdoor things established, I will be researching everything I will need to know about gardening, composting and thinking what we want to do in terms of landscaping, flowers, etc. But it will be some time before the pretty stuff comes into play. The dirt comes first.