To get egged up for Easter, I wanted to set up multiple activities that we can do throughout the month to celebrate this wonderful holiday. And since Brody loves to help in the kitchen, including baking, I knew this had to be a part of the mix.

Back around Christmas time, when shopping for family and friends, I came across an adorable ‘Cake Pop’ cookbook by Bakerella. I was actually purchasing it for someone else, but when it came in the mail through Amazon, I couldn’t part with it. I know, bad me. But then to make me feel better, I said to myself…”Andrea, if you give this adorable book away, you are taking away all the fun cake pop making you could have with your family.” See, I wasn’t selfish at all – I had to keep it for my kids’ sake. So I felt better, and the book stayed mine. 🙂

So, I figured I would give you guys a photo tour of our first Cake Pop making experience. It was so much fun!! We decided since it was Easter, we would make the Spring Chicks first.

What we needed:

  • 18.25 oz. box of cake mix
  • (ingredients of what is needed to make cake on the back of the box)
  • 16 ounce container ready-made frosting
  • 48 ounces yellow candy coating
  • lollipop sticks
  • Syrofoam block
  • toothpicks
  • orange rainbow sprinkles
  • yellow rainbow sprinkles
  • orange wildflower sprinkles
  • black edible ink pen (or black/dark small sprinkle balls)
  • bowls and pans and spoons and smiles

So first, we had to bake a cake.

I chose Rainbow Chip cake mix to make it more festive and fun for the holidays. But you can use any cake/frosting flavors. It does suggest if you use a light-colored cake mix, to use a light-colored frosting too.

my little helper, Brody and my lazy dog (in the background :).

Mixing. BTW. I got my amazing KitchenAid from Amazon a few years ago, refurbished for like a third of the price. Would you have been able to know the difference if I didn’t tell you? #WINNING!

Pouring into greased 9×13″ pan

If you didn’t know this already, Brody loves “Cake!!”

After the cake is done baking. It needs to cool completely. So time to go separate the tiny sprinkles into colors :).

All above ingredients were purchased at Michael’s. From left to right, orange wildflower and/or daisy sprinkles for chick feet, yellow rainbow chip sprinkles for chick wings, and orange rainbow chip sprinkles for chick beaks. Sucker sticks and yellow candy coating for melting. Now set aside and time to go back to the cake.

Cake crumbling time! That is right, a beautiful cake now has to be torn apart and crumbled. It was easy to cut it in big square pieces. Then over large mixing bowl tear a section in two and crumble together by rubbing your hands together. Try to keep crumbling so no large pieces are left, you can use a fork to help you with larger crumbs.

Cake is crumbled, now time to add the frosting! We chose Pillsbury Cream Cheese frosting. You add three-quarters of the container into the bowl and stir with a large metal spoon.

Once done stirring, its time to make the cake balls. So get two cookie sheets ready and cover them with wax paper.

Directions call to make them 1.5″ round, and that they would make 48 cake balls. This didn’t happen for me. I thought I was making them 1.5″ but I probably made them bigger because this recipe only yielded 28 cake balls for us. But we didn’t need that many anyways and Brody loved the ‘BIG chicks.’ Once cake balls are formed, they need to be covered in plastic wrap and sit in the fridge for several hours, or in your freezer for no longer than fifteen minutes. Your choice.

Once you are ready to turn these bad boys into chicks, you melt the candy coating in your microwave. It is recommended to choose a bowl that allows the coating to be three inches deep (for easy dipping). We microwaved on defrost setting, stirring every 30 seconds until fully melted.

Take a few cake balls out at a time. (If they were in the freezer, then move the remaining balls into the fridge so they don’t freeze.)

Take a sucker stick and dip into candy coating a half of an inch deep and insert the stick into the ball more than half way through.

Then insert the cake ball into the coating covering the entire ball. To get excess coating off, lift cake ball up over bowl with your wrist down and rotate your wrist until the coating starts to drop off onto the stick, then with your finger wipe off the stick.

Insert sticks when you are done dipping them into Styrofoam to dry. Once candy coating is dry, it is time to give these birds some life. With a toothpick dipped in melted candy coating, put the coating where you would like your chick sprinkles to go. Then put the sprinkle on top and let dry.

Ta-da! Spring Chick complete. I did have a black edible pen to draw on the eyes, but somehow it never ended up in my bag from Michael’s so we compromised and I used little dark green circle sprinkles that we had. No biggie.

Tim thinks they look more like Angry Birds than Easter Chicks. I had to force him not to go get his sling shot :). But you could definitely make them too I am sure. Oh the possibilities with Cake Pops!

And since we made more than enough and had a TON of fun doing it, Brody wanted to make sure we gave some to Jessie (daycare) and her family (Tim, Kegan and Kadin). Brody loved decorating the Chick’s box with Easter egg stickers!

All finished! The chicks are resting soundly in their Easter chicken coop and Brody is super excited to deliver them tomorrow! Of course he is excited to eat some more here too!

Happy Easter Month!!