Don’t you just love Summer! Not only do you get the great weather, the kids playing outside and in their bathing suits…and in our case the constant changes of the Little Swimmer diapers :)…But also all the goodies that kids crave this time of year like Popsicles, slushies and most of all…


Knowing this moment was going to come, I always wanted to be able to make our own ice cream at home so a couple years ago I started hinting to my husband that I wanted to get the Ice Cream Maker attachment to my KitchenAid Mixer.

This thing makes it easy to enjoy your own ice cream at home with just a few ingredients…PLUS you get to make it a fun thing to do with your family! Kids enjoy making things from scratch and in this case watching it freeze and grow from milk to ice cream.

I was in my local World Market store this week and came across cute containers on sale of Vanilla Ice Cream Starters and Chocolate Ice Cream Starters for ice cream makers. Not only did I pick up a couple of each, but also gave me the idea that making homemade ice cream should be part of our weekend since Brody and Tanner’s cousins, Kyle and Sarah, were staying with us along with Aunt Leslie and Grandma.

To prepare, I took the freezer bowl out on Friday and stuck it in the freezer. Pretty much all the preparing I had to do. :). It has to be in there for at least 15 hours and recommended to have your freezer on the coldest setting.

On Saturday, after a great day swimming and having fun at a family reunion, it was time for some ice cream making fun!

Here is a photo tour of how we made our homemade ice cream:

Our three easy ice cream ingredients:

Our toppings, plus maraschino cherries!!

The KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker comes with a new attachment (the drive assembly) to secure onto your mixer’s motor head.

In a large mixing bowl, we combined one of the Vanilla Ice Cream Starter packets with a cup and a half of Half-and-Half whisking until the mixture has dissolved.

Then we just stirred in a cup and a half of Heavy Cream until all of it was combined.

Freezing Time!

Taking the freezer bowl out of the freezer, you just place the ‘dasher’ tool (comes with it) into the freezer bowl. Secure it in place on your mixer. We have the tilt-head mixture, so you then just lock it in place matching up the drive assembly to fit in the grooves of the dasher tool. Then just turn it on to Stir (Setting 1).

I recommend to pour the ice cream mixture into the freezer bowl from a bowl or cup that has a spout. Pouring it just from the mixing bowl got a bit of it on the counter top the first go at it.

And that’s it! Now it’s time to watch the magic happen.

Let it go on stir mode for 10-15 minutes. The kids loved watching it get bigger and fluffier.

Voila! Yummy vanilla bean ice cream!!

Since the kids wanting instant gratification, we took it from the freezer bowl into the kids bowls and added some chocolate syrup, sprinkles of their choice and of course topped with cherries! YUM!

‘Mommy, spoons please…..”

To get the fun scoop-able ice cream, you just stick the ice cream in an air tight container and freeze it. Once frozen you can make it even more fun by folding in a cup of your favorite fruit, a half a cup of chocolate chips, nuts or peppermint! Using the World Market Ice Cream Starter packets, this homemade ice cream recipe yields one quart. There was plenty for all of us, including the adults and still had some left over to store in the freezer, this includes giving my nephew Kyle a second helping! 🙂

With the ice cream maker you can make tons of flavors! The KitchenAid manual comes with its own recipes, plus there are a ton online. Experiment and have fun knowing your kids will have fun too!


“Where’s ours?”

Next year, Tanner and Sarah!! 🙂

Happy Scooping!