This city girl turned country bumpkin decided almost three years ago now that she wanted to eventually start living a bit greener. It all started when my first child, Brody, was born and I started making all of his baby food. I ordered a cute baby food making book, food storage containers, and started making frequent stops to the produce section and never looked back. I actually loved it!

What I didn’t love, was all the food scraps I was throwing away in the trash each week. It saddened me and I just felt guilty. In doing so, I remembered that my Nana (your version of a Grandma 🙂 always had a cut milk carton under her sink to collect her food scraps and then would frequently empty that in a compost pile out back at their country home in Gladwin. I remember thinking that as a child, it was pretty cool that she could turn food into dirt. And if I was a girl and thought that…I know my boys would love it even more.

My concern was…….I am not big on disgusting things, and hey…the green concept is great…but the food rotting and stinking….not so great. So my research started on what I could do to keep up with composting without it getting too gross that I would want to give up on it within a year or two. So in my months and months of research , I thought I found my answer.

The NatureMill Pro XE Composter looked too good to be true. It was perfect! Available through Williams-Sonoma and other places, this baby was clean enough to sit right in your kitchen and makes composted dirt in just two weeks! I just have to put the food scraps in and voila! I was sold. I even was going to go with the upgraded model because it has a lifetime filter, while the standard edition you have to change after a couple years. So for months, this was my answer. I saved the money up and this past Saturday, it was time to purchase…


I didn’t.

I realized as I was looking at this state-of-the-art machine online…I questioned if this machine that plugs into a wall outlet, and does all the work for you, if this was going to make memories like those I had when I was growing up? And how ‘green’ can I be when I’m using electricity as it churns like every four hours of the day, plus all the ‘green’ I’m giving up for this expensive composting gadget. So, I sat back looking at my computer screen visualizing what process my sons will like better… pressing a green button that says ‘Go’ and that’s it, dirt in two weeks….or getting to actually mix green waste (foods, vegetables, etc) and brown waste (leaves, clippings, straw, etc) and see it actually composting down each week. And there was my answer.

So I spent the next hour looking at the different types of composters and which one my sons would like the best.

Without further ado…

I would like to introduce to you, the EnviroCycle Composter.

It got delivered to our door today. So exciting! This bad boy spins on a wheel base to compost. We just need to add a 50/50 green waste to brown waste and spin it about three times a week, more if we want to have it compost down faster. This won’t be a problem, because Brody wants to turn it every time he sees it :).

In about six weeks, we should have dirt, and then we just wheel it over to where we want to dump the dirt and open up the hatch then start the process all over again.

Plus, the base isn’t just to hold the spinning wheels, it collects the ‘compost tea’ that leaks from the barrel. I never even knew such a thing exists. But you mix this concentrated tea with 10 parts water (10 to 1 ratio) and you can use this to feed your plants, flowers and trees. So we get a two-for-one with being greener in the Ness household. Tim even liked the idea using the compost tea to liven things up. I’m hoping too that all this dirt will eventually lead to me having my own garden! Yay!

We couldn’t wait to get started, so it came right out of the box and ready to use.

Here is a video tour of our first day of composting!

I’m heading to the Farmer’s Market on the Capitol Lawn on Thursday to get a ton of fruits and veggies for the house, but also to start the process again for making a ton of baby food for baby Tanner! Perfect timing, and looking forward to composting all the food scraps rather than throwing them all away this time! Yay!

I also got this book, a quick read to teach myself more about the composting world. So I can teach Brody and Tanner a thing or two about the process while we do it.

Who would have thought this city girl would be so excited about dirt. I guess  that is what I get for living with all boys :).