Yes, I tend to be more on the ‘last minute’ side rather than the organized scheduler. I knew Valentine’s Day was coming up soon. I told myself last week it was ‘next Tuesday.’ Still… today it’s the 13th of February and I’m picking up my boys from daycare when it hit me that Valentine’s Day is actually tomorrow.


Thankfully, my husband and I don’t really celebrate this holiday with gifts. So there is still time during my lunch hour tomorrow to pick up that card with sweet nothings jammed inside it. But what about cute Valentine’s for my boys to bring to daycare tomorrow morning?

So as I was preparing the boys their dinner this evening, I contemplated in my pantry and decided on a game plan.

Marshmallow Pops – (similar to cake pops, but with A LOT less work, and A LOT less time to complete)

Ingredients: Marshmallows, Almond Bark (or other candy chocolate melts), Lollipop sticks (always have them on hand for cake pops), and sprinkles.

I also am in LOVE with my Wilton Chocolate Pro warmer. I use it for everything. I even have a separate one to make my scent wax samples to pass out for Scentsy. So easy.

Using Log House Almond Bark brand, I used three squares and it yielded about 25 pops.

Pictures are pretty self explanatory. First, we got the marshmallow pops ready by inserting a stick into each of the centers.

Next, I just recycled a large Keurig coffee box we still had in the house and jabbed crosses into it with a knife. Worked perfect for holding them in place and to let them dry later.

We took turns inserting the marshmallow into the melted chocolate, and circled the stick around to get chocolate 1/3 to 1/2 way down the marshmallow. Do a couple quick turns of your wrist once it is out of the chocolate to let any excess fall back into the pot.

Time for sprinkles. Brody of course probably ate more than he put on, but hey. 🙂

We put them back into the box once we were finished to let the chocolate harden. With the chocolate we used, it doesn’t take long at all.

Brody loved it!!  He also loved poking holes into separate marshmallows with his finger while we were waiting, then filling the entire inside with sprinkles and stuffing the entire thing in his mouth, but that could be another post all together. 🙂

While I was waiting for them to dry, we went to the office to say hello to my girlie best friend, Pinterest, and see what free Valentine’s Day printables were out there. I came across these darling ones. Perfect for Brody and Tanner to give to the daycare kids, that happen to be mostly boys. A lot of the ones I found were too lovey-dovey for my manly men :).

The original .pdf download was four to an 8.5 by 11, which was rather large for a small project like this. So I just doubled them up and printed them at 50% on cardstock. Turned out PERFECT. Cut them out with scissors and put a hole punch in the corner and we wrote the boys’ names on the back.

I had these treat bags laying around since you never know when kids need treats for things, and just wrapped the valentine card with it using the ties the treat bags came with. Now that I am remembering, the treat bags came from Micheal’s.

and Voila. Easy treats for Valentine’s. Yay!

Brody liked the ‘I’m Wild about you’ Monster one the best.

We made about 25 of them….

But only 18 ended up in the container to go to daycare. Oooops, I wonder where the rest went :).

P.S. We did save one for Daddy when he comes home tomorrow from the fire station. So now he gets a card and a marshmallow. I am such a wonderful wife! lol.

Happy Valentine’s Day!