Ever since I seen my first ‘baby in mother’s hands’ photo, I knew I just had to do that photo when I had children of my own.

Something about that one pose just always said so much more than the ordinary… a mother’s love, her protection, just the purity and serenity of it. With that, I always knew I wanted to make it really special.

Once my first child was born, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew it was going to be quite some time to get it finished but realized back then that the wait and hopes that it would be a reality one day would make it that much more meaningful. So I waited. and waited.

When Brody was seven-weeks-old, I took him to get his photos taken at Portrait Innovations. Telling the photographer that the first pose (before any crying, or sleeping, or nursing came into play) I wanted to have my son in a diaper in my arms facing left. After a funny first look, the photographer preceded to do what he was told. :).

Brody, seven-weeks-old

Portrait Innovations doesn’t do large prints, and since I wanted a large canvas of it done, they allow you to request high-res images from corporate (only if you purchase the cd of all your prints) free of charge. They kindly emailed it to me, with copyright letter to give to printer.

That is when I found the amazing company, Canvas On Demand. And not knowing then, but knowing now that I am hugely in love with this company. Mainly because they took such great care of me and the prints of my sons. Definitely helps too that they still have Brody’s baby canvas up in their showcase next to Ty Pennington. 🙂

I ordered a 2′ x 3′ canvas of Brody, with a 1.5″ thick Gallery wrap.

When it was time for my second son Tanner  to grace us with his presence, I made sure to put it on the calendar that we must do his first professional photos when he was also seven-weeks-old. This time, same instructions just facing right. And again, did the special request for high-res image.

Tanner, seven-weeks-old

This time around, Canvas On Demand was on Groupon so it was like speaking just to me. BUY me. I bought the Groupon after finding out that the money for it can be used for a canvas as big as I wanted it, even when the Groupon said for a certain size. They also have really great deals now and again, so I tend to just wait for one of those to pop up with a purchase like this.

Talking to a rep about what I wanted to do and how I wanted it to look just like the one I did from years past, I was blown away at their service! She pulled up Brody’s artwork (seriously printed 3.5 years ago), took the new artwork and did her best to match them up and sent me approval of what it would look like to make sure I was happy. I expect this from local printers, I’m a production manager (one of my many jobs at my company)  for goodness sake, but for a large national company to this magnitude to treat me like a mom-and-pop shop, was truly outstanding! So Canvas On Demand, if you ever come across this post, THANK YOU!

It was just a few months ago, I was shown a catalog from Uppercase Living. Turning to the pages to bedrooms, I came across the saying ‘side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart’ and I was SOLD. I knew once I got the last canvas done of Tanner, this would be the perfect saying to have in between.

Since my bedroom walls are a grayish-blue and most of our bedroom furniture is a deep black-brown, I chose the colors of the wording to be ‘Stone Cottage’ and ‘Slate Gray.’ I ordered the 18″ x 7.75″ so it would work with the large canvases on both side.

Finally, after over 3.5 years of waiting….my vision of this is finally real, picture-perfect on my wall.

Relaxing, serene and full of love.

I know my boys will eventually grow up and not be my snuggly baby boys that I am so honored now to hold and hug and kiss, but I will always have these two special memories adorned on my wall, and so happy I get to be reminded of it each morning, and each night.

I love you beyond words Brody and Tanner. Beyond words.