IKEA Expedit shelves

Knowing the holidays were fast approaching, I turned to Pinterest to give me ideas on the perfect storage solution for the playroom for all these new toys coming in from the North Pole. And I found my inspiration from a great blog called I Heart Organizing.

Knowing our spaces weren’t the same since I only had a small corner to work with rather than two walls, I knew the aisles of IKEA would help me out with the space I did have.

Road trip! Myself, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law braved the beginning phase of Michigan’s crazy ice storm to do a little home (and beauty) shopping.

IKEA didn’t let me down. I purchased the EXPEDIT five-shelving unit and two single EXPEDIT wall cubes, all in the birch effect. I also purchased six of their DRÖNA boxes in blue for the toy storage.

They were quite easy to set up by myself, the large unit is quite heavy and with the playroom upstairs, I opened it up downstairs and took it up there in pieces.

When finished with assembly, I put them together in the space and took measurements to start the cushion for it. My oldest son got so excited when he saw it, he decided to call it his new ‘reading center’ and got a few books out from the bookshelf and sat there reading them. Couldn’t wait until he seen how much more comfortable I was about to make this ‘nook’ for him. Giddy :).

DIY playroom project

To make it easier, I did the cushion in two pieces, one of the size of the large EXPEDIT, and one for the top of the two cubes. I bought a large sheet of MDF board at Lowe’s and had one of the guys cut it for me to those exact dimensions.

at Lowes

I then went to JoAnn’s and got 2″ foam. They cut the length for me with an electric knife. I also used their app and found a 40% coupon for it.

When back home and without an electric knife, I just put the board on top of the foam as a guide and straight edge using a filet knife to trim the width. I was debating buying an electric knife (turkey knife) but with my recent ‘decluttering’ I didn’t want to add things to my home that I won’t use. So a filet knife worked just fine.


It was then time to decide on fabric for the cushion, and that was much harder than I thought. So I took my contenders of indoor/outdoor fabric to Facebook for opinions. I got so many responses, and many different opinions. So reading through them, and over a glass of red wine I made my final decision and placed my order on Fabric.com

fabric choices

And the winner is…..D!

The morning my fabric came in, I took over my husband’s shop. I was so excited to be able to finish this project up. Making sure there was enough overlap, I measured and cut the fabric, and ironed it.


Not really great at sewing, I also decided to upholster these cushions, so got out the staple gun and went to work. Using the pattern as a guide, it was really quite simple to accomplish. Not pretty on that side, but there is no need to be pretty when it will soon be fastened to the shelving units. 🙂


I was debating on what pillow colors to get, but one great thing about that is you can always change them up! Currently we have a ‘transportation’ theme in our boys’ playroom so we have planes hanging from the ceiling, and ships, trains and car decor on the walls.  So these ones I found fit and matched great!


DIY playroom bench

Realizing how happy I was with this turnout, there may be many more DIY projects in my future for 2014! What about you?

Please let me know if you have any questions, happy to help the best I can if you are wanting to do a similar project.