A little about me: 

DSC_2312Hi there! My name is Andrea Ness and I am a mother to two beautiful children, a firefighter’s wife, and work in the PR/Marketing industry in mid-Michigan. I started documenting our journey online back in 2006 with wedding planning stuff, then it became a pregnancy/baby book, and now it’s everything else happening in our lives that I have a deep interest in.

Focusing on mainly: Trying to be a great mom, a great wife and fitting in those damn skinny jeans.

So the categories I blog on will usually fit into these main focal points in my life: Happy Life, Healthy Life, Mommy Life, Yummy Life and Organized Life.

In this past year, I lost 40 pounds. The healthy way! Not only that, even though it was an important goal of mine, but I learned to love myself in the process more than I ever thought I could. And like a domino-effect, every relationship I was in became stronger and I just can’t help but smile. So this, is my ‘happy’ project. The Happy ‘Ness’ Plan.

Welcome aboard.