In the middle of all my holiday cookie baking this Christmas season, I decided that I wanted to do something different besides just the different varieties of cookies. Currently we have in our freezer: Gingerbread, peanut butter kiss, sugar, molasses and chocolate chip cookies. My husband was in the pantry this morning and picked up a block of white chocolate that I keep on hand for my cake pop dipping and he seen on the package a recipe for almond bark. That got me thinking. PEPPERMINT BARK!

Peppermint bark is the perfect representation of the holidays, and in looking into online recipes and how-to videos on making the perfect peppermint bark, I learned that the better the chocolate that is used, the better the bark it will be. Go figure. At first I was planning on grabbing the white and dark chocolate blocks I have for cake pops, I soon realized this may not be the best tasting option now that I know what to look for.

The best chocolate, both white and dark, there is are the ones that are made with real cocoa butter, and not ingredients that contain oils instead. Realizing my pantry chocolate had the latter, I quickly turned to my go-to chocolate for fondue – Velata’s Belgium Chocolate! Every time I bring out the fondue chocolate for parties or gatherings, everyone always compliments the taste of it, so I had the A-HA moment, let’s use it for Peppermint Bark! And just my luck, the packages are the perfect portion sizes, so no measuring needed!

Here’s how I made it, turned out PERFECT, and can’t get my husband’s fingers off of it :).


That is it!

Belgium Chocolate Peppermint Bark 2012-12-08 21.01.20


Line the bottom and sides of a square pan with tin foil, and smooth it out as much as possible.

2012-12-08 21.02.38

Warm the Velata Dark Chocolate in the microwave until melted. I put it in the microwave for :30 seconds, then :30 seconds again. If more time is needed, just continue the :30 second intervals with a close eye to prevent any melting of packaging.

Once melted, pour it into the tin foil wrapped dish. 2012-12-08 21.05.14

With spatula move chocolate to cover the bottom, touching the corners and sides and to smooth out the chocolate.

2012-12-08 21.07.40

Next, put it in your fridge for about 20-30 minutes (depending of chocolate used) until hardened.

While waiting for that, I decided to do some damage to the candy canes for the topping. Three is plenty enough, I did more because I was making more than one batch, plus use this to top off my sugar cookies too :). Put them in a large Ziplock bag and pound away using what you have available. I used the flat side of a meat hammer.

2012-12-08 21.15.45 2012-12-08 21.19.23

Once dark chocolate is firm, it’s time to do the same with the white chocolate layer. Quick and easy.

2012-12-08 21.25.34 2012-12-08 21.30.32

Yum! Love the smell of white chocolate. While still melted, it’s time to sprinkle the peppermint chips on. As much or as little as you desire.

2012-12-08 21.31.38

Back into the fridge for 25-30 minutes. Go grab some wine, or your favorite cocktail. Red wine goes very well with this bark. I’m pairing them together now! 🙂

Once hardened, you can break it apart, or I prefer to cut it into different shaped triangle pieces.

2012-12-08 21.58.05

And that’s it! Belgium Chocolate Peppermint Bark that tastes like you bought it from a high end chocolate shop. IT’S THAT GOOD!

Perfect for gift giving! You can wrap in wax paper and put it into a small holiday tin, or even cut it into squares and stack them into a candy bag, tied with a ribbon and gift tag. Ideas are endless, and made with love! If you do want to make for gifts, you can buy Velata’s chocolate in bulk, cost-saving options.

2012-12-08 22.02.43


And since this turned out so good, I’m going to make a toffee bark version using broken up toffee pieces and Velata’s Caramel Milk chocolate! Double Yum!